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Learn about how positive energy brought two brothers, on two very different paths, together and how positive energy is the foundation for their actions.

Positive Energy (+ENERGY) is more than just a business, it is a way of life for its co-founders/owners/managers, Patrick and Kevin Michaelyan. 

Positive Energy LLC was organized in Virginia in early September 2011.  Less than a month later, +ENERGY opened its first office in Pentagon City at the Pentagon Row Shops.  +ENERGY's story is still in the introductory stage, and its co-founders/owners/managers are dedicated to furthering this story in a meaningful way.

Patrick and Kevin Michaelyan were born in Boston, where they spent their early childhood years until their parents' divorce led to a big relocation (and what was to be a very temporary relocation for Patrick) to eastern Pennsylvania where their mother was born.  Shortly after the relocation, Patrick was diagonsed with life-threatening, bone cancer, which he survived with the help of those at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in New York City. 

After Patrick's return from NYC, the brothers (seperated in age by almost 2 years) did not seperate until Patrick moved away for college.  The brothers tried to reunite shortly thereafter at the University of Maryland upon Kevin's graduation from high school, but a lost transcript by the admissions department eventually led Kevin to one of the continental US's southern-most locations--Miami, FL.  The brothers would temporarily re-unite in Miami while Kevin finished out his degree at the University of Miami, until their continuing education ambitions called for them to seperate once again. They both knew, though, that their hearts desired that they re-unite to do something big.

During the decade that stretched from 2000 to 2010, both brothers would earn Bachelor and Graduate degrees, and would begin to build experience in their respective careers.  Pat earned a undergraduate in international relations & history from the University of Maryland and a masters degree in Energy & Envrionmental Analysis from Boston University.  Kevin earned both his degrees--Bachelors in business administration and Masters in taxation--from the University of Miami.  Shortly after garnering their respective Masters degrees, Kevin became a certified public accountant and Patrick became a certified building performance professional and licensed home improvement contractor. 

The September 2011 reunion's roots (at which point they would develop Positive Energy, LLC) had been established almost two years prior when Kevin took a promotion with a larger, and growing public accounting firm, in their Arlington, VA office.  While Kevin was establishing roots in his new home, Pat was making in-roads outside of Boston as a building performance professional.  With a lifelong desire to own and run a business together, Patrick and Kevin re-focused their efforts (and in Pat's case his geographical location) to build a business that would provide sustainable solutions to the communities in which they would live, work, and play.


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